Agnew says control of Engineering dollars to remain with FAMU

Student Body President and University Trustee Phillip B. Agnew said Tuesday evening that financial control of the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering would likely remain with Florida A&M University.

Rep. Curtis Richardson (D-Tallahassee) told the Rattler News Network that the Florida Senate would likely strike down the plan to shift fiscal control of the engineering school to FSU.

The state Senate is scheduled to vote on the resolution Wednesday.

FAMU’s Board of Trustees unanimously asked the Florida Legislature Monday to reconsider its plan to shift control of the $10.4 million budget to FSU.

Interim President Castell V. Bryant has maintained all along that student life would not be affected either way by the change.

FAMU has maintained fiscal control of the school for a decade. Previously, control of the budget alternated each year between the two institutions.

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