Trustee sends letter to calm

Challis Lowe, Board of Trustees chairwoman, has issued a correspondence letter alerting students about a Monday board meeting that will take place at 1 p.m. in the president’s conference room.

“I am responding to a request from your student leaders concerning the various challenges presently facing the University,” Lowe said.

She said she understands the concerns of students and parents, and she wants them to know the Board of Trustees is doing everything in its power to ease campus concerns.

“I too am concerned, but want to assure you that every effort is being made both by people at the University and now by the members of the Board of Governor’s Task Force to identify and rectify our chronic shortcomings,” Lowe said.

Student Body President Phillip Agnew expressed his sentiments about the board’s decision to hold the emergency meeting.

“I appreciate her taking the time to respond to our concerns,” Agnew said. “I’m looking forward to the meeting on Monday. I think it will be fruitful.”

Agnew said the meeting was scheduled after he and several other board members decided University stakeholders deserved to have some clarity on matters facing the University.”I’m glad she is responding,” Agnew said. “It is extremely important to dispel the rumors, eliminate confusion and end all the misinformation,” Agnew said in a statement Tuesday.

Board members want students to know the board is limited in its governance of the University.

“Something I have said for a long time is that the board is not responsible for day-to-day activities of the University,” Agnew said.

In her letter, Lowe said it is important for the board to provide oversight but not to interfere or micromanage the operations of the University.

She said she understands that all stakeholders including students, faculty, administration and the community deserve to have their questions answered.

“It is in this same spirit of listening to all voices and working together that prompted me to immediately accept Trustee Phillip Agnew’s request that we hold an emergency session of the Board of Trustees,” Lowe said. “In the long run, this open dialogue will be good for the University.”

Agnew is encouraging anyone interested in the discussions to attend the board meeting. He said anyone who wants a copy of the letter sent by Lowe can e-mail him at