Student record label smooth as ‘velvet’

With the high demand for talent shows on campus, it can seem as if everyone wants to be the next big star. Red Velvet Recordings said it just might be able to turn some students’ dreams into reality.

Red Velvet Recordings is a college student-run record label that combines students from FAMU, FSU and TCC.

Producers say the label’s name was chosen because red is well-known for its sex appeal and velvet is as smooth and as soft as they feel their artists sound.

Ty Vincent, 28, a senior business administration student from Orlando, is the founder and CEO of Red Velvet. He also acts as songwriter and producer. He said he is ready to take his collegiate record label to the next level.

“Our main focus is to influence our youth through music in a positive way and to get them to understand the importance of getting a degree because a lot of careers within the industry require that you have one,” Vincent said.

The young CEO refers to this part of his career as phase one.

He said after he takes Tallahassee by storm, he plans to move to Orlando to continue phase two as one of the few black-owned record labels.

Red Velvet’s goal is to bring back the traditional R&B sound. Currently, Red Velvet has seven officers and five artists. Two male and female solo artists, two boy and girl bands and one rapper make up the label.

Not only is Red Velvet the first student-run recording label in Tallahassee, it is expected to change the lives of many people by promoting the positive portrayal of the music industry.

Brian Barnett, 20, a sophomore computer-engineering student from Fort Lauderdale, is a rapper on the label.

“My style of rapping is more of a lover-boy style. It’s another branch of R&B,” Barnett said.

Barnett is currently putting together his first demo, getting ready for his first appearance with Creative Image and preparing to launch his career.

“Look out for me, I am very multitalented, and I want to dabble in everything” Barnett said.

Keith Rhodes, 23, a senior business administration student from Long Beach, Calif., serves as the marketing director for Red Velvet.

“Being a student and holding this position is pretty much simple for me,” Rhodes said. “But the work comes in when I have to implement marketing plans for each school to make sure each campus is aware of Red Velvet Recordings.”

For some students, running a business could seem troublesome. “It is through prayer and Christ that I am able to maintain school and a run a business,” Vincent said.

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