It’s up to us to mentor next generation

Reading the news yesterday, one of the top stories was about how four students had sex in front of a fifth-grade class. The article on said, “Two 11-year-old girls, a 12-year-old boy and a 13-year-old boy were charged with obscenity, a felony.” Also, an 11-year-old was charged with being an accessory for being the alleged lookout.

What in the (insert F-bomb) is going on!

Not only did the students who performed the lewd act disrespect the students in the class, they also tarnished their own character.

One can’t help but wonder what kind of negative influences made the children act out in this matter.

No matter how corny it sounds – the children are our future.

We as college students, who were children just a couple of years ago, need to start giving back and investing more time into those who are coming up behind us.

Why, you ask? Just take a moment and think about the people with whom you went to high school. What are they doing? Have they had children?

If thinking about them and their current state makes you a tad bit depressed or thankful for all your blessings, realize that the state of our future will continue to worsen if there isn’t a change.

But with recognizing a change needs to happen comes a responsibility to make it happen and actually do something. We talk so much about problems that need to be rectified but rarely assist in helping the cause.

Simply spend genuine time our youth and make a change.

Wesley Martin for the Editorial Board.