Despite frustrations, take summer classes at FAMU

So summer classes have officially been posted as of last weekend, but why is there still a problem?

Well, if you have experienced summers past at Florida A&M University, then you are well aware that there is always a plethora of classes to choose from. Whether there was a core class you had to take or an elective, you almost always knew your needs would be meet. But this summer has proved that experiences change.

If you haven’t been keeping up with news, there is a limited number of classes because of a decrease in the budget. So where does that leave some students in need?

Although there may still be an outcry for more summer classes, it should not go unsaid how much the administration and faculty members fought to get the small number of classes that are offered.

Yes, FAMU allows its students to take summer courses at others schools via transient and co-op programs, but if the classes are offered here at FAMU, take them at FAMU.

Point blank: If the classes are offered and students do not enroll in them, those classes will be shut down. Ultimately this will cause all students who registered for the class to be dropped from it at the last minute.

It is a fact that FAMU is experiencing financial difficulties, but it is not time to abandon the University.

Don’t take your frustration out on FAMU by trying to enroll at other schools if your class is offered here during the summer. Many people fought and sacrificed to ensure students have the summer courses they deserve and are entitled to. Katrelle Simmons for the Editorial Board.