5 Fast Facts

1. A 1999 survey by the Department of Justice revealed that while officers disproportionately focused on black and Latino drivers, they found drugs more often when they searched whites (17 percent) than when they searched blacks (8 percent).

2. Government studies show that each racial group uses and sells drugs in proportion to their percentages in the population. For example, whites are 70 percent of the population and 70 percent of users and sellers; blacks are 15 percent of the population and 15 percent of users and sellers.

3. The ACLU lawsuit White v. Williams involves minority motorists who were stopped on the New Jersey Turnpike based on racial profiling practices by the state police. ACLU clients include Dr. Elmo Randolph, a dentist who drives a luxury car and has been stopped by police approximately 100 times without ever receiving a ticket. Randolph was subjected to searches of his car and interrogations about his profession and how and where he bought his car on numerous occasions. 

4. Data from the New Jersey State Police in 2000 regarding highway stops on the turnpike revealed that despite the fact that blacks and Latinos account for 78 percent of those searched, troops found drug evidence 25 percent of the time when searching whites, 13 percent for blacks and only 5 percent of the time for Latinos.

5. Approximately 87 million Americans are at a high risk of being subjected to future racial profiling during their lifetime.