Obama visit will let voters decide if inexperience OK

After weeks of speculation many people will finally be able to form their own opinions of Sen. Barack Obama.

On Friday Obama will stop by Tallahassee for a fundraiser in his honor at the Challenger Learning Center in Kleman Plaza.

As students and voters, many people look forward to hearing what Obama promises to bring as president. What are some of the objectives he has for the families who are still suffering from Katrina? How does he plan to handle the war in Iraq?

We have seen the contributions Obama made to Chicago. However, as a president he will have more than one city under his belt. Obama will have 50 other states that need his attention. As a president how will he define himself?

Despite how it may sound, Obama may not be as great a presidential candidate as some may expect. Although the idea of having a black president is overwhelming, the fact remains he does not have enough political experience to pick up the mess George Bush and previous presidents have left behind.

It must be said his intelligence exceeds our present president by far. Obama graduated from Columbia University. He later went on to graduate from Harvard law school, where he became the first black president of the Harvard Law Review.

But his commitment to the community and love for the people stand above and beyond those achievements. Obama brings the voice of not only a black man but also an American man with a dream to change the world, however his lack of experience may hinder this vision.

But Obama’s appearance here Friday at noon may be just enough to convince his audience.

Dontaye Carter for the Editorial Board.