Being saved means not having sex before marriage

I didn’t kiss my girlfriend for six months.

Even though kissing is a great way to express how you feel to your significant other, it is the gateway to other temptations. A kiss here, a feel on the chest there, a slap on the butt here, and the next thing I know, I’m at the altar begging Jesus for forgiveness.

I was 16 when I got saved.

I went to a church service the day before Thanksgiving in 2003 and saw people speaking in tongues and laying hands on each other.

At first I thought, ‘Here we go again, church people acting crazy.’ But when I left the service, I came to the conclusion that if what they were doing was really from God, I wanted to be able to do it too.

When I got home, I asked my auntie how could I get the gift of speaking in tongues. After a series of questions and answers, she told me to “stop having sex.”

It took all that was in me to accept this cruel and unusual punishment. But I realized that I wanted God more than I wanted the booty.

I prayed and told God I would remain abstinent until I got married.

Two weeks went by and nothing happened. During the third week, I went to church that Sunday and the preacher gave an altar call.

He said if you know God has called you to do something and you’ve been running from it, answer.

Since I was 5 I knew God called me to be a preacher. That Sunday I broke down and said yes.

The preacher prayed for me and instantly I began speaking in tongues.

Although my story may sound glamorous to some, living saved while courting is a rough lifestyle.

In a society were sex is all around us, I wanted to know that my girl was with me because of who I am, not because of what I could do for her physically.

As a Christian, sex is not an option for me until I say “I do” before God.

With the exception of my female relatives, I view every woman as my sister in Christ.

If I were to sleep with a woman who is not my wife, I would be committing spiritual incest.

A recent survey proved that the No. 1 reason for divorce is pre-marital sex. Furthermore, the majority of the people who were surveyed were members of the church.

Technically, I did not wait until marriage to have sex, but I most certainly consider myself a “born-again virgin.”

When I do get married, I plan for my wife to wear a Velcro dress at the wedding; it comes off as easy as it goes on.

My prayer is that the rapture does not occur before I say, “I do.”

Although my girlfriend and I did eventually share a kiss, the physicality between the two of us has been kept to a minimum.

Valentine’s Day marks our one year and four month anniversary, and we’re still waiting until marriage before we have sex.

Brent Hachett is a sophomore broadcast journalism student from Michigan. He can be reached at