‘Hills’ disappoints horror buffs

“The Hills Have Eyes 2” is a movie about a set of diverse troops from the U.S. National Guard going to section 16, a mountaintop region in the hills, for training.

Actors include Flex Alexander, the head sergeant responsible for his troop’s future deaths, and heartthrob Lee Thompson Young, who starts the movie as a lead character. The mission takes a turn for the worse when soldiers start getting picked off one by one by the creatures of the hills.

The movie starts with nothing but bad acting, causing the film to lose authenticity. It leaves you scratching your head wondering how different instances happen throughout the movie. As you are watching each scene, the movie looks as if it will be just as bad as the previous horror movies that have come out this year.

Some of the bloody death scenes are reminiscent of “The Texas Chain Massacre.”

If you are a person who likes watching good horror movies, then this is not the movie to see because though the action is shocking, it is not scary.

But if you are into action-packed death scenes, then this is a great movie for you. The acting may be terrible, but the death scenes have variety and are full of surprise. Some scenes are so disgusting, the average person is likely to hurl chunks due to the graphic deaths of characters.

The veteran horror-movie watcher would think the actions of the characters were stupid, as usual, such as someone wandering off when he or she knows the area they are in has creatures that already killed half of their troop. But most movies need to have stupidity in order to have a plot. So it doesn’t stand out as much in this film.

Hills 2 also sufficed viewers with its comedic scenes. If you weren’t laughing at what someone said then you were laughing at an idiotic choice someone made, which ended in his or her death.

But one plus is that the black people didn’t die in the beginning.

The story does not end with a great shock but rather confusion because it leaves you with a cliffhanger. You get up out of your chair hesitant because you don’t know if the movie is actually over. This abrupt ending is dissatisfying, but it may leave an opening for a trilogy, which would be unnecessary. I wish they would just bomb the whole mountain and be done with it.

“The Hills Have Eyes 2” is neither a bad movie nor a movie that was great. The best parts were the death scenes because they were unpredictable and full of gore.