Do not let money problems lead to University’s demise

FAMU yesterday, FAMU today, FAMU tomorrow.

These are trying times in FAMU’s ongoing history of money problems, and although many people may be upset, we must not allow FAMU to crumble before our eyes.

In an exchange about FAMU’s non-compliance made public Tuesday, State University System Chancellor Mark Rosenberg said the worst-case scenario would be that the University would not receive further state funding and could ultimately cease to exist.

It is imperative that students and faculty don’t allow FAMU to go under.

This is the time for the community and past, present and future Rattlers to rally together.

Yes, FAMU is experiencing some serious problems. And yes, it is extremely frustrating and unfair for students and faculty members to feel the brunt of the missing $39 million.

But FAMU deserves to stay standing.

According to an article in the Tallahassee Democrat, members of the legislative black caucus promised Wednesday that chronic financial chaos will not be the death of our beloved campus.

“Florida A&M University serves a very unique purpose and mission in our (state university system), and any talk – any talk – of the demise of FAMU is to cease and desist at this very moment,” said Rep. Curtis Richardson.

Now that members of the legislative black caucus are behind FAMU, it is time for everyone else to jump on board.

FAMU alumni, please give back.

Prominent black figures, please continue give back to HBCUs.

It is time for everyone to band together to try to save all struggling HBCUs.

If we don’t care about our school, who will?

Katrelle Simmons for the Editorial Board.