5 Fast Facts: FAMU’s Finances

1. 1997: The state threatened to decertify the FAMU Boosters because the fundraising group failed to give audited financial statements to the state for two years.

2. 1997: A number of adjunct professors went without pay for several weeks because the school had overspent its $1-million adjunct faculty budget by $500,000.

3. 1997-1999: A state audit showed poor accounting methods that cost the FAMU Foundation $350,000. The report raised questions about then-president Frederick Humphries and other administrators using money for Christmas gifts and jewelry.

4. 1998: The FBI, U.S. Department of Education and Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigated missing money in the Office of Financial Aid.

5. 1999: Two dozen adjunct faculty members in the College of Arts and Sciences complain they had not been paid for three consecutive pay periods.

Source: St. Petersburg Times, compiled by St. Petersburg Times staff writer Anita Kumar and researcher Kitty Bennett.