The Hiss

This week in entertainment is filled with deceit, drama and downsides. Let’s start off with music super producer Dallas Austin, who claims that singers Christina Aguilera and Joss Stone had sex with music producers for beats. Austin seems to go about this in a Superhead fashion by airing out everyone’s dirty laundry. Speaking of dirty, singer Ray J and Kim Kardashian have now released their controversial and staged sex tape. The film is currently available for download. Maybe this will be the niche that will revive Ray J’s fading career. And just when you thought “Flavor of Love” was over… they’re back! Well, kind of. The old “Flavor of Love” contestants will compete in the new VH1 show “Charm School” hosted by comedian/actress Mo’Nique. Unfortunately, R&B legend Luther Ingram died at age 69. The singer died Monday from a kidney transplant complication. And now, after all the hoopla, the court ordered a DNA swab of Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter, Dannielyn, on Wednesday. Hopefully, we find out who Smith’s baby’s daddy is. Only time will tell. Foxy Brown can’t stay out of the news either. She was a no show for her court hearing in a case where she allegedly attacked a beauty salon owner. Get it together Foxy, and what’s up with your music?Look out for next week’s edition of “Hiss” for more updates on entertainment and news.