Stop war in black community

Almost 50 percent of all murder victims in the United States are black, according to the FBI.

Out of that 50 percent, black-on-black crime accounts for 93 percent of those victims.

Why is our country so intent on fighting a war in Iraq when there is a war taking place directly in the heart of our urban communities?

If we don’t begin to take the time to catch black children at an early age, this statistic will only increase.

According to, our country spends 9.8 billion dollars a month trying to fund the war in Iraq. And when it’s all said and done, the country will spend between $1-2 trillion on the war.

Those funds could be given as grants to fund programs that will combat this epidemic of black-on-black crime.

It seems that when black youth fail to graduate from high school in urban areas, they either end up in jail, dead or just surviving.

It’s frustrating to hear black children who are able to recite the lyrics to “Whoop That Trick” but are unable to recite their times tables in the ninth grade.

It becomes even more frustrating when there are teachers in urban schools who are only there for a paycheck, and could not be less interested in taking the time to educate the black youth of America.

Instead of killing each other, let’s empower one another by educating ourselves and using our minds.

The days of affirmative action are coming to an end very soon. The result will be every race for itself.

Brent Hatchett for the Editorial Board.