McClurkin clan releases solid CD

Grammy award-winning gospel artist Donnie McClurkin has again collaborated with his five older sisters to form “The McClurkin Project” and release a new album titled “We Praise You” on record label Zomba Gospel.

On the past album “Live in London and More,” songs such as “We Fall Down” and “Caribbean Melody,” which are internationally known, captivated listeners.      

The McClurkin Project is another family-style gospel piece set out to minister to many people. The McClurkins’ sophomore project is composed of Pastor Donnie McClurkin and his sisters Carol Carter, Andrea McClurkin-Mellini, Tanya McClurkin, Cheri McClurkin and Olivia McClurkin.

The McClurkins began singing professionally in the early 1980s with family and friends back in New York where the group toured with the well-known New York Restoration Choir. This led to the McClurkins’ first recording contract.      

The gospel choir family again came together in 1999 for their debut recording to start “The McClurkin Project” and has left many fans waiting to hear a new sound. In between this wait, McClurkin came out with one of his greatest albums “Donnie McClurkin Live in London and More” in 2000, which holds a multitude of inspirational and uplifting songs.

The McClurkin Family finally made a come back with a follow-up to the original “The McClurkin Project” album with “We Praise You.”

The album was recorded before a packed house in Queens, N.Y. Lead song “We Praise You” has a catchy melody that seems to stick in your head.

McClurkin-Mellini, songwriter and lead singer, performs the song with powerful voices that exemplify true melody.

“As Long As There’s You” is a song that shows the appreciation of just knowing who Christ is.

The song states “If there were no gates of pearls or no streets of gold, it would be alright as long as God is there.”

Donnie McClurkin, soloist for the song, said he was inspired in his car one day to write the lyrics.

Olivia McClurkin co-writes with her daughter Crystal Fythe on an energetic song “You are an Awesome God” where the chorus is ear-catching. “You are my peace, my shelter, my doctor, a lawyer in the courtroom, my everything.” The chorus explains all the intricate capabilities that God has and what he is able to do.

Along with her energetic vibe in “You are an Awesome God,” Olivia McClurkin also was able to show a very intimate and delicate side through the song “Touch Me.” The song focuses on deep emotions a person has when trying to enter into the presence of God with worship.

“Songs of Gratitude,” also led by Donnie McClurkin, is a heart-felt song that expresses deep thanks and appreciation.      

“The McClurkin Project” consists of only 13 songs, which are about five less than what he normally produces on his albums. In comparison to his previous albums, this album cannot catch up to the standards that he has produced on prior albums as “Donnie McClurkin Live in London and More” and “Donnie McClurkin Again,” although this album was unique in the makeup and produced quite well.