Agnew calls for townhall meeting

The student body president has called an emergency town hall meeting for March 28 at 8 p.m. in the Senate Chambers.

“The town hall meeting is basically for students to find out what is going on at the University,” said Phillip Agnew, 21, student body president from Chicago.

Agnew said several administrators from around campus are expected to take part in the meeting.

“The dean of the engineering school will be in attendance to answer questions about summer courses and rumors about FSU wanting to split from FAMU,” Agnew said.

He has also invited Henry Kirby, the associate vice president of student affairs, and business school dean Lydia McKinley-Floyd to attend. “We will also address any other questions students may have,” Agnew said.

Negative issues at FAMU have been covered in the news in recent weeks. As a result of this bad press, Agnew said the meeting would address the engineering school, University audit, payroll issues, non-budgeted summer classes and the task force state administrators have called for and fears of FAMU closing.

Amir Shabazz, 21, a philosophy student from Fort Myers, said: “My major worries are the accounting and financial issues. FAMU has been plagued with financial problems for a long time, and under Ammons (the newly-elected University president) I’m more than confident that things will be rectified.”

Shabazz also said that despite the issues pressing FAMU, he is optimistic that under the Monique Gillum and James Bland administration “we will have a new FAMU to solve the issues that are plaguing the student body at large.” He is looking forward to new programs and new student initiatives.

Another student said she hopes that students’ questions are answered at the town hall meeting.

“I’m just looking forward to students having their question answered, that way they can have full confidence in student leadership at the University,” said Whitney Murray, a junior political science student from Jacksonville.

“Phillip and Monique have worked very hard and will continue to work to ensure that students are aware of everything that is occurring on campus that they are privy to,” Murray said.

She had several suggestions that students should keep in mind while in attendance at the meeting.

“The students should ask for answers from the administration of the University about the financials of the University, and as student leaders we must hold administration accountable for their actions,” said the 20-year-old student body attorney general.

Agnew said March 28, the date of the meeting, is also a day when many campus officials will attend an audit review of the University by the Board of Governors in Gainesville.

“I just hope that people who attend are looking for accountability rather than playing cheerleader for FAMU,” said Jacquelyn Rivers, 22, a graduating MBA and Spanish student from Chicago. “As students, they should be smart and be accountable.”

Agnew said he expects a good turnout at the town hall meeting. “This is just a time for informing students, and hopefully with my last two to three weeks, I can provide some move to action,” he said.