The 10 Most Debasing Songs

“He ain’t talking about me; I ain’t a hoe,” and “It’s just dancing,” are all lies women tell themselves when these 10 misogynistic, degrading and disrespectful songs blast from the speakers at various events. Sadly, most of the individuals that dance to the tunes are women. You can see them every weekend, bent over and pressing their behinds against a guy’s pelvis, simulating sex. And if you say you don’t do it- you’re lying! With that said, here’s the list:

1. Ying Yang Twins, “The Whisper Song”Like Cedric the Entertainer said, these fools had to whisper this because what they were saying was just too nasty. The sexual noises made during the chorus are not only gross but insult a young lady’s intelligence.

2. Khia, “My Neck, My Back” Some women see this is an empowerment song. Khia said men talk about receiving oral copulation in their songs all the time and women should have the right to do the same. I say, two wrongs don’t make a right, and I can’t bring a lady home to my mother who talks like that.

3. Lil’ Kim, “How Many Licks”How many licks does it take Lil’ Kim? You’ve all been around somebody out there that has to know the answer. This is almost as bad as Khia’s song, but Sisqo’s singing just makes it cheesy.

4. Nas, “Oochie Wally”Nas is the truth and he’s my favorite rapper of all time. But when you’re wrong, you’re wrong. The beat was tight but the content was just too vulgar, even for me! And the young lady who serenades us on the hook has a potty mouth. If you like this song, spend some time with the Lord after you hear it and see how you feel.

5. Trina, “Pull Over”The ghetto anthem of Miami. Every hood chick loved it back in the day. “Ride like a choo-choo train,” is a line from this song that paints a visual to explain how good she is at what she does.

6. Any song by Webbie, Trick Daddy and Too Short.Need I explain?

7. Tampa Tony and Strizzo, “Take it Back Hoe”It’s all in the title with this one. The chorus repeats the title over and over, making sure women know they are indeed hoes. Don’t you just love it?

8. Da Entourage, “Bunny Hop”“All them hoes with them shorts in your a**,” sets the tone for this song, as Da Entourage divulges their experiences with young women at the club. It’s a treat.

9. Lil Boosie, “They Dyking”Biting off Young Jeezy’s “Trapster” beat, this song is a regular at Baja’s Beach Club on Saturday nights. Young women from every walk of life sing along as Boosie calls them all lesbians. (And they said men were on the “down low.”) According to Boosie, 95 percent of women are dykes. Young men beware and stay far away from “red bones.”

10. Juvenile, “Back That Thang Up”Ah, the old time favorite. A party ain’t a party unless this song runs through it. From 2-year-olds to professionals, every woman loves to shake what her mother gave her with this song. When Lil Wayne says, “After you back it up and stop, now what, what, what, drop it like it hot,” it’s like the nasty hokey pokey.

Compiled by Wesley Martin