Directory unveils more businesses

The Green Pages, Florida A&M University’s telephone directory for student-run businesses, released its second edition, “The Green Pages 1.2.”

Last week the quarterly publication introduced approximately 30 new businesses in its new issue.

“The Green Pages acts as a service to the students,” said Mitch Brooks, chief executive officer of The Green Pages.

“We have circulated 15,000 copies as compared to 5,000 the last time,” said Brooks, a 22-year-old business administration student from Washington, D.C.

He said the plan this time is to circulate the directory on a larger scale.

“We are trying to build brand awareness and spread the word out throughout campus,” he said.

For Green Pages co-founder Jonathan Taylor, the directory is a way for students to tell the masses of their talents and skills.

“It [The Green Pages] is a way for students to network with each other,” he said.

Taylor, a 21-year-old senior business administration student from Chicago, said the directory is a way for students who may be disc jockeys or clothing designers to work together.

The Green Pages’ new release serves as a way to reach a wider audience in the Tallahassee community.

“We have reps at both Florida State University and Tallahassee Community College and distribution stations at both schools,” said Shashee Moore, 21.

Moore, public relations director for The Green pages, said the publication staff plans to host events on other college campuses to increase awareness.

“Students at both FSU and TCC can have access to green pages and we’re looking forward to hosting events in the near future,” Moore, a 21-year-old public relations student from West Palm Beach.

The search corporate for sponsorships are in the works for the directory’s third publication, set for an October 2007 release.

Brooks said corporate sponsors will open new doors for the directory through donations and advertising.

“We (will be able to) host large events as soon as we can get corporate sponsors,” Brooks said. “We are trying to reach a global market.”

Students said The Green Pages is a great way to inform students.

“It’s a great concept,” said elementary education student Robert Sullivan, 21. “I have seen them around and being passed out. It’s a good idea.”

In April, The Green Pages will sponsor the “City vs. City Talent Showcase,” which, in addition to serving as promotion for the directory, will be a way for students across the campus to display their talent and represent their respective cities.