Recruiting web site opens up new doors

 The world of sports has found a new outlet of information for athletes, coaches, scouts, agents and anyone interested in advancement from college sports to professional, Pro Recruit Network. claims to be the single most complete sports recruiting destination available on the Internet.

It offers one of the nation’s largest systems of athletes, agents, scouts, coaches and team management. This is a new development for student athletes.

 Founded by Burton Rocks, this Web site provides acknowledgment for undiscovered and new sports talent and has direct access to over 5,000 pre-qualified scouts, coaches, agents and key management personnel.

The site allows athletes who lack exposure, the chance to post highlight videos, chat with other athletes, get professional advice, and even find out where team tryouts are all over the country.

 The site is not directed to a particular sport. It includes leagues such as NFL, WNBA, NBA, AFL and MLB.

 Known to be a major attraction for professional teams, a few of the site’s representatives include pro league teams such as the Utah Jazz, Phoenix Suns, Tennessee Titans, Portland Trailblazers, Minnesota Vikings, Jacksonville Jaguars and Cincinnati Reds.

Rocks mentioned that this network is just another way for athletes to showcase their talent without consuming a lot of their time.

 “Many amateur, semi-pro and aspiring athletes don’t have the time or money to travel and meet with agents, scouts, coaches or go to team clinics or open try outs,” Rocks said. “So we are bringing them to the decision makers through the Internet via”

 Pro Recruit Network offers the chance to network and develop relationships or to acquire free advice from this sports community.  

The chance for athletes to promote themselves via the web just may has reinvent the recruiting process.

 This site can be considered to be a door opener for many young athletes who play at small, unrecognized schools across the country and even the world.

Athletes are given the chance to upload their stat, bios, videos, highlight films and pictures, all for free.

 Jim Leyritz, former New York Yankees catcher and infielder, said this site is one of the best ways for athletes to get noticed.

 “Speaking from experience, talent isn’t always discovered through drafts. Sometimes it’s that one time or that right place at the right time,” said Leyritz.

“You can never have enough eyes out there looking for talent, and you must be open to any means to discover new ways to find that certain player, Leyritz said.

He continued mentioning that Pro Recruit Network is providing another alternative to find the gem that may have slipped through the cracks. Sometimes it may just be that one tip you can get from a network like ours.” Florida A&M men’s basketball shooting guard Leslie “L.C” Robinson explained that this is an opportunity for student athletes should take advantage of. offers advice from professional athletes, agents, coaches and staff on various topics ranging from how to turn pro to valid advice on how to get an agent and finding

Professional athletes such as Rick Diepierto, goalie from New York Islander gave advice on the sites blog about becoming a professional athlete.

“This Web site is a good idea, and that I would consider using it, if I needed my information out there,” Robinson said of is a valid form of communication between players and professionals and perhaps the next recruit site to discover a sports icon.