How to enjoy Spring Break

If you are leaving for Spring Break, here is a list of 10 tips for having a safe and smart trip.

1. If you are going to the beach, do not get in the water when there are signs that say, “Watch out for sharks.” If you like to swim, there are safe community pools available with no sharks.

2. Make sure your bathing suit fits. If you have a bathing suit from 2004, there might be a need to upgrade. Also, some bathing suits are not made for everyone. Try to stay away from thong bathing suits. Think about the children who are on the beach; they don’t need to see your “prized possessions” moving all over the place.

3. If you are a person of color, make sure to carry lotion to the beach because as soon as you get out of the water, you will become ashy. If lotion doesn’t work, try Vaseline.

4. Do not ask anyone for his or her phone number or give out your number to anyone whom you have just met over spring break. (Unless you are desperate, this should not apply to you.) There is no need to pull numbers because you go to school in Tallahassee; you will not see those people when you get back here.

5. If you do not have enough money to go on a trip for Spring Break, do not spend your rent money going on one. Make yourself useful. Spend your time studying for the classes you already predicted to fail in when you first entered them.

6. If you go home and no one cares that you are home except your pet dog, do not call your friends every day during the break. Let them enjoy their trips; they do not need to be bothered by your complaints. They have already been bothered with you during the year. Let them rest.

7. If you have had hair extensions since the beginning of the semester, and you have so much dust and dirt in your hair it looks like you have already been to the beach, the break will give you just enough time to get some new extensions.

8. If you are going away from your friends, when you leave, do not act like you are leaving for a long period of time and say, “I’ll miss you.” Why? Spring Break is only a week. If you are talking to someone currently, make sure you talk to him or her before you leave also. You do not want him or her to forget you and come back after Spring Break with someone new.

9. Remember that school is back in session on the 12th. Don’t try to extend your Spring Break till the 23rd and bring excuses to the dean that you were sick.

10. And lastly, the ever so popular statement, “Whatever happens during Spring Break, stays in Spring Break.”

Compiled by Latasha Edwards. Latasha is a sophomore public relations student from Houston. She can be reached at