Today’s students only about talk, never action

While most students were out campaigning for leadership positions on campus, some of today’s most influential black leaders were right here in Gaither Gym Friday for the State of the Black Student Summit.

An all-star team including Sister Souljah, Kevin Powell and Jeff Johnson graced the panel to shed some light on some of today’s issues.

But there was barely an audience. Less than 5 percent of the student body was in attendance. This is disturbing.

Is the lack of student participation a reflection of the University itself?

It’s sad to say, student election week captured students’ attention even more than hip hop author and activist Sister Souljah, or better yet BET’s well-known conscious black activist Jeff Johnson of the “Cousin Jeff Chronicles” who are paving the way for our generation to follow their lead.

Has the student body lost sight of its purpose as college students, or is being involved in the Friday afternoon “Set” more important than obtaining knowledge from the wise?

This is a reflection of our leadership at FAMU.

And as blatant as it may sound the students have lost sight of what is imperative.

Students are in college to seek knowledge and gain education – not pass over once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

It was disappointing to see the turnout this past Friday.

We need to wake up and realize we’re here to learn – nothing more, nothing less.

Stephanie Haughton for the Editorial Board.