Web ministry finds new physical address

After starting an online ministry nearly 10 years ago, a University professor and her husband are in the final stages of opening a physical church less than an hour from campus.

With a growing online ministry, a radio broadcast and a family that includes three children, it seems as though Eddie and Veronica Yon have a full plate. Even with all this, they have decided to open a church in Monticello with the first service slated for April 15.

The couple met in graduate school, and soon after marriage, they decided to further their walk with God. The Yons sought the advice of their pastor Larry Rascow.

“Our pastor at the time told us to share the word and that would draw us closer,” said Veronica Yon, an English teacher and director of the FAMU Writing Resource Center.

After receiving the advice and praying on it, the Yons decided to begin sending out an inspirational e-mail message every Friday morning, which in 1997 became an online ministry.

After beginning with just seven people, the ministry now includes more than 300 people.

“The personality that comes across in the messages draws people,” Veronica Yon said.

The ministry has even begun to reach across global and language barriers. There are subscribers in India as well as Sweden.

In order to keep the ministry user-friendly, the Yons have given their weekly e-mail message a simple format – a Bible scripture and a short message that does not promote any particular denomination.

“We are targeting people who want to walk a victorious life with Christ,” Veronica Yon said. “We shouldn’t be bound by traditions, traditions are good but you shouldn’t be bound by them.”

In addition to the online ministry, there is a weekly radio broadcast that began in January 2004.

Eddie Yon runs the broadcast. The content of the show focuses on encouragement.

“We want people to know you can have a good life while you wait to go to heaven,” he said.

He equates living a spiritual and fulfilled life to insurance.

“People get the fire insurance, but they don’t get the life insurance.”

With colorful analogies and real- life experiences, Eddie Yon said he wants to connect with listeners.

“When you share out of your heart and out of your struggle, that’s when it is more real,” he said.

Each radio broadcast is ended with the mantra, “Let the word of God restore your glory.”

The radio broadcast can be heard every Friday morning from 10:30 a.m. until 11 a.m. on WTAL 1450 AM.

Many people may wonder how an online ministry can transform into a physical church.

Even with this type of barrier there are already people considering attending the church.

“I am definitely planning on attending a physical church,” said Ralphael Campbell, a regular receiver of the weekly e-mail message and radio broadcast listener. “This is a big change from sleeping late and watching Bobby Jones for a couple of minutes.

“The ministry is more encouraging than anything. It’s a step in the right direction,” Campbell said.

By finding a niche in a technology-based world, the Yons have attempted to bring the world of Christianity to the fingertips of many people.

The church’s name will be Restored Glory Christian Center, and Veronica Yon is ready to begin this new venture in her Christian walk.

“Everything has happened so fast, but these years have been a time of preparation,” she said.

Not only have they made inspiration only a click away, the Yons feel they have succeeded in touching the lives of many people worldwide.

For more information on the ministry, visit http://www.elyonministries.org.