Sympathy reserved for victims, not idiots

The mass media has a habit of portraying idiots as victims. Two months ago, three men died in a snowstorm while trying to climb Oregon’s Mount Hood. Tragic.

Sunday, volunteers were searching for the bodies of three missing climbers and their Labrador Retriever who fell 100 feet down the mountain. Idiotic. It was reported that more than 35 climbers have died attempting to climb Mount Hood since 1981. Despite these fatalities, people still motivate themselves to climb this murderous mountain, which seems irresponsible and ignorant.  The appeal of mountain climbing is probably the adrenaline rush of overcoming a landform that may seem unconquerable. However, is the accolade of sitting on an icy mountain peak worth risking your life? Absolutely not!

These risk takers show up on the news every other month because of the sub-zero winds and icy slopes, which become unbearable.

This should not be portrayed on the news as wayward souls in need of help, but as individuals who took unnecessary chances.

Though sympathy goes out to those people who have died trying to climb such peaks as Mount Hood, people who follow suit should not receive the same sympathy.

People who suffer injuries because of mountain climbing, skydiving and other life-threatening forms of “recreation” should be held responsible for whatever detriments their curiosity brings them.

They are not victims, but simpletons who continue to put their lives at risk, and the only newsworthy aspect is how this foolishness can still linger within grown men and women.     

Anthony Anamelechi for the Editorial Board.