Deltas, police seek answers

The Office of Student Activities and FAMU PD are investigating to find who stole the list of the spring 2007 line of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority that was leaked over the Internet this week.

Anonymous e-mails were sent to members of the organization from an undisclosed e-mail address. It revealed the 56 students who were pledging.

Within those e-mails was a PowerPoint presentation with photos of the women, their hometowns, GPAs, majors and the clubs and organizations to which they belong.

“We’re looking at if there was an intentional or unintentional leak with regard to the list,” said Morolake’ Laosebikan-Buggs, director for the Division of Student Affairs.

Buggs went on to explain that if anyone from OSUA or the registrar’s office had stolen the list, that person would be terminated immediately.

Lt. Angela Kirkland said the investigation is pending.

“We are attempting to locate anybody on this incident and decide whether any criminal activity has taken place,” Kirkland said.

An official from the national chapter of Delta Sigma Theta said punishment could be handled in various ways if the list was official. Cases of this matter are typically handled internally and are not available for the public, she said.

Tiffany Williams, 23, a graduating MBA student from Hattisburg, Miss., said she has full confidence that the situation will be corrected.

“I am flattered that someone would spend 319 minutes putting together a PowerPoint presentation about my organization,” said Williams, president of the Beta Alpha Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta.

“We have always been a strong organization and have always overcome obstacles, and that’s exactly what we will continue to do,” Williams said.

She had no comment concerning whether the line will proceed this semester.