‘Daddy’s Little Girls’ defies ‘no-good man’ image

Many people may be familiar with the name Tyler Perry. His plays and the 2006 film adaptation of “Madea’s Family Reunion” have earned him popularity and respect. But the latest addition to his list of projects, “Daddy’s Little Girls,” is a break from tradition.

This time around Perry leaves the wig at home, and takes on the roles of writer, producer and director of this romantic comedy.

Idris Elba stars as neighborhood mechanic Monty, who works hard to provide for his three daughters, played by real-life sisters Sierra, Lauryn and China McClain.

Gabrielle Union plays a tough-skinned, savvy lawyer named Julia.

Throughout the movie, Julia’s friends attempt to hook her up on blind dates with a 40-year-old rapper and a to-good-to-be-true cheating husband, but she eventually becomes Monty’s love interest.

Of course, like any romantic comedy, there were the predictable barriers that an odd couple had to face.

In the beginning, it’s a battle of personalities when Monty’s inner-city upbringing meets Julia’s Ivy League background.One night together changes Julia’s mind about Monty, and when he needs help gaining custody of his girls from their bad mother and her drug-dealing boyfriend, he goes to her. The two quickly fall in love.

Perry tries to break the stereotype that black men from the inner city don’t take care of their children.

He does this by telling the story of a determined father and his struggles to become owner of his own auto shop, all while taking care of his daughters.

Like Perry’s other films and plays, “Daddy’s Little Girls” did not lack hilarious moments, most coming from the youngest of the McClain sisters.

Scenes featuring the pint-sized cutie China turned out to be highlights in the film.

A common theme in Perry’s works is faith, which always serves as a purpose.

But some of the film’s downfalls come from overacting and down right bad acting by some of the actors.

The most notable bad performance comes from actress Tasha Smith, who plays Jennifer, the unfit-mother of Monty’s kids.

Ironically, Smith is the acting coach for contestants on “America’s Next Top Model.”

Other actors include screen legend Louis Gossett Jr., who plays the wise mechanic Willie, as well as “Girlfriends” star Tracee Ellis Ross, who appears as one Julia’s close friends.

Fans of Perry’s other works may recognize various supporting actors from his play “Madea Goes to Jail.”

Union’s and Elba’s performance and chemistry were pleasantly entertaining, just enough to overshadow the movie’s lows.

Though “Daddy’s Little Girls” didn’t feature everyone’s favorite pistol-whipping grandma, Madea, the film proved to be amusing and left audience members with smiles on their face.

The film is perfect for those couples looking to cozy up and share a few laughs, or just a regular movie night with friends.

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