Union will change social site

It’s time to bid a fond farewell to the days of inappropriate pictures and random posts from your friends on your wall.

Welcome to the real world – a world where you have to finally grow up.

According to hatchmagazine.com, Facebook and Jobster.com announced a partnership that would make Jobster.com the “exclusive job search partner” of Facebook. Plans are in the works to get this up and running by the spring, possibly giving employers access to profiles.

No doubt that partnering with Jobster.com will be beneficial to all parties.

One valid argument in favor of the teaming is that an individual’s profile is a representation of that person.

Future employers can look at a profile and get a sense of who that person is.

Also, having a job search engine available on a social network is convenient.

Employers can message and inform prospective employees about job openings while the users update their profiles.

What about people who don’t want their personal information available to prospective employers?

It kind of feels like some of the novelty will go away as the recruiters come, .accessing the “social network” patron’s personal information.

Facebook had a niche, and it was college kids!

Realizing that some people use Facebook for leisure, the fantasy is taken away when something as serious as recruiters having access to your information happens.

Is it that Facebook is looking out for its best interest?

Just recently in the past year, Facebook changed so much it left many users bewildered.

From the disastrous news feed to the new feature in which you can send gifts, it feels like Facebook is copying MySpace and xuqa.com.

Soon everybody will be allowed to join – wait, that already happened.

See what I mean?

With all of these new changes, the vibe and feel of Facebook will be gone forever.

The old Facebook worked, and you don’t fix things that are not broken.

So while the Jobster.com career center can help us out, it can also hurt us in attaining our future goals.

Most of us have information posted that we wouldn’t want a future employer to know.

Besides, there are other ways to go about getting a job.

And if people are so lazy that they can’t go to one of the many online job search engines, annual job fairs or the career centers located on college campuses, they are not worthy of employment.

Employers always want people who take initiative right?

Wesley Martin is a junior magazine production student from Miami. He can be reached at wes_famu@yahoo.com.