Police need new method to prevent campus crime

Has crime at Florida A&M University gone too far?

Campus police have come to the conclusion that implementing an identification check upon visitation to the Palmetto apartments at night will reduce the University’s crime rate. But, is all that necessary?

Warning: a FAMU Rattler card is not difficult to come across; simply finding an ID that resembles you might work.

Checking IDs does not limit the possibility of the crime rate increasing. Granted, it will limit the number of outside offenders, but it isn’t unheard of for students to take part in the same crimes.

The University needs a new angle to attack campus crime, not pacify it.

A more accurate approach to reduce the crime rate could be installing security cameras, having a student body crime watch, or even issuing more security on the perimeter.

Are we really preventing crime or are we merely giving criminals another approach to attack their prey?

If this is a procedure that will stick with the University, is it going to be an overall campus rule or are we only focusing on Palmetto?

University police hope to bring on-campus criminal activity under a cap.

The identification check should only be implemented if it’s going to be spread throughout the University. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of time and energy.

Stephanie Haughton for the Editorial Board.