Thinking about you Dreaming about youBoy you’ve got me going crazyImagining myself with you Each and every dayWanting to be near you In each and every wayWanting just to touch youWanting to hear everything you’ve got to sayWanting to be mad at youWanting to hate youBecause you’re not with meBut at you I can’t seem to get angryCaring for youAnd hoping in some way you care for me tooAfraid to call youAfraid to hear your voiceAfraid of how it will affect meCan’t sleep good because you’re on my mindGotta stop thinking of youBecause maybe I’m wasting my timeNot wanting to get over youFor some reason you’ve got this hold on meWhether we’re in the same city or states apartFor some reason, I feel as though you’ve got my heart.Like LL Cool J said this is more than a crushWhenever I’m around you, I get this rushTrying to be calm around youHoping you can’t tellThat you’ve got me under this spell.