Poem: HE IS

He kisses my mind and caresses my heart. He loves my presence and adores my smile. He anoints my soul and illuminates my thoughts. He is my strong tower, the rock upon which I look up to kiss away my blues as he explores and smoothes over the curves of my skin.

He was heaven sent as he stood 6’6″ and his brown eyes look down upon me and chose me out of all of the fish in the sea. Wow, it’s amazing how he acknowledges my 5’3″ frame and loves me all the same. We don’t speak with words, but his kisses tells me that he’s for real, and We don’t speak with words but his touches tells me that he’ll never let go as he holds me close to his heart.

He is my silence while in deep thought he is my breath as I inhale and exhale, he is every bit of the portrait of love and together we make the masterpiece.