He say, she say: the language of love uncoded

He said:”I don’t know why you didn’t get my call. I called you THREE TIMES and sent you a text message, your phone is just messed up!” He meant: “I was trying to be slick, kickin it with my other girl..”

He said:”I can’t come over tonight because I have (work, band practice, study session, a frat meeting…).”

He meant: “I already have plans with this honey I met on The Set.”

He said: “I want a relationship with you, but I just don’t want to rush into anything.”He meant:: “I don’t want a relationship. I’m just looking for a good time.”

He said: “That dude who you saw at my house at 3 a.m. when I was home alone is just my ‘home boy.’ “He meant: “I’m on the ‘Down Low!'”

She said: “I’m not mad.”She meant: “Of course, I’m mad. I’m just going to say I’m not and be mean to you until you properly apologize to me.”

She said: “I’ll be ready in five minutes.”She meant: “Yeah right. I’ll be ready in about an hour.”

She said: “I’m too busy to go out with you this weekend.”She meant: “I’m not attracted to you, and I’d rather be sitting around watching TV or washing my hair than go out with you.”

She said: “I have a man.”She meant: “Leave me alone, and don’t stalk me.”

She said: “You don’t have to get me anything for V-Day”She meant: “You’d better have a gift for me, or you’ll be sorry.”