Murphy pleases fans with ‘Norbit’

From “Coming to America” to “Nutty Professor,” moviegoers have been entertained by the antics of Eddie Murphy for the past 25 years.

And some fans have awaited his return to his traditional form of comedy. He has done that with “Norbit.”

In “Norbit,” like many of Murphy’s movies, he plays multiple characters. The film has an all-star cast, including Cuba Gooding Jr., Thandie Newton, Marlon Wayans, Kat Williams and Eddie Griffin.

The movie opened with laughter and excitement, captivating the audience of all ages from the moment it began.

“Norbit,” played by Murphy, tells the story of a man who has never had it very easy. His parents threw his bundled up body along the side of the road and left when he was a baby.

Mr. Wong, also played by Murphy, is an Asian man who owns a Chinese restaurant and orphanage. He finds Norbit and rushes to his house to tell his wife what he has found.

Later in life, Norbit is forced to marry an overweight, mean woman named Rasputia-also played by Murphy-and is unhappy.

As time progresses, things continue to get worse for Norbit, until he reunites with his childhood sweetheart, Kate, and things begin to look up.

The movie’s opener is hilarious.

The setting is late evening, and Norbit is a funny-looking character with an Afro and oversized glasses. He is a timid pushover, and it seems as if everybody uses him for their own selfish needs.

At first, he is happy with Rasputia because he feels he finally has a family. But soon he realizes he doesn’t want to be with her. He tries everything in his power to rid himself of her.

Rasputia is an overly confident woman who thinks she can boss Norbit around. She has a unique sense of style and believes she is the only woman capable of loving Norbit.

“Norbit” is differs from other Murphy films, in that it has a unique storyline and authentic characters.

It chronicles Norbit’s transition from a young boy to a man who finally takes up for himself and does not let other people use him.

Even though the movie is a romantic comedy, it shows that if a relationship is meant to be, it will be, no matter the circumstance – distance or years of separation.

The movie ends on a positive note, leaving viewers satisfied and excited about the new life upon which Norbit will embark.

As the credits began to roll, the audience at the sneak preview gave a standing ovation.

“I loved the movie,” said Alycia Baisden, an 18-year-old freshman general studies student from Atlanta. She said it was one of Murphy’s best movies.

“Norbit” was written by Murphy and his brother, Charlie Murphy. It does little to disappoint, with bizarre characters, funny jokes and outlandish situations.

Terrance McKnight, a 23-year-old business graduate student from Dayton, Ohio, said he enjoyed the movie and Murphy’s witty comebacks.

“I would give the movie an A-,” McKnight said. “It was pretty funny and wasn’t predictable like other recent movies.” The costumes and special makeup effects made the movie realistic and helped to further develop the characters. Murphy’s comedic genius helps the movie stand out. Though the movie is rated PG-13, it is not appropriate for all ages, but is guaranteed to be a box-office hit.

This movie is creative, original and overall funny.

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