Iraq war may only get worse

World War I started because of the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand, and when you think about it, did that guy hold any importance to the U.S.? And America entered World War II due to the devastating Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Now, at the beginning of January, the dictator Saddam Hussein was killed.

Since Saddam Hussein death, there has been more tension between the United States and other countries. Could this be the beginning of World War III?

According to, “Iran’s supreme leader said that if the United States were to attack Iran, the country would respond by striking U.S. interests all over the world.” By this statement, we could be preparing for a potential global war.

And, now President Bush has ordered American troops to act against Iranians suspected of being involved in the Iraqi insurgency in addition to deploying the second carrier.

I believe with all of the tension between Iran and the United states, we are slowly moving toward a World War.

The United States and Iran have been in a tense standoff over Iran’s nuclear program, and tensions have worsened recently because of U.S. allegations of Iranian influence in Iraq.

The United States is becoming involved in too many countries affairs. We need to mind our business.

There are already enough problems within the United States to be focusing on outward conflicts. For example, the United States is in debt, and it buys its weapons from other countries, what is that about?

If the United States causes too much controversy then other countries could get tired of our foreign policy and join together and stop our resources. They might state war on us.

Remember this: The United States helped build Germany, but as soon as Germany found out that we were going into Iraq, they chose not to be on our side. Will this cause a chain reaction?

The United States is starting to gain more enemies than friends. North Korea, Russia, and Iran could easily team up against the United States making a harsh contender.

I think that a WWIII could end the United States’ reign.

The United States has never experienced a war on American soil, and I’m not quite sure if we are ready.

With all the nuclear weapons at some countries disposal, I think the next World War could have a devastating effect on the planet, not to mention contributing to the already overwhelming global warming problem that affects everyone.

So how could we avoid a future WW III? We need to make our voices be heard and tell the government that enough is enough.

Latasha Edwards is a sophomore Public Relations student from Houston. She can be reached at