University quick to take, slow to release paychecks

After five weeks in the spring semester, some faculty and employed students have yet to receive a paycheck from the University. Although the last pay period was Feb. 2, The Famuan staff received word two days before that Friday that paychecks would not be dispersed until Feb. 16.

It’s obvious that FAMU works expeditiously when it’s time to collect tuition and other fees that students have to pay at the beginning of the semester. If students fail to pay their bills on time, the school tags them with a $100 late fee after the registration deadline, which is usually the second week of each semester.

If our University can work that quickly and efficiently to receive money on time, why is it that it struggles to disperse money on time?

Furthermore, please stop adding things to students’ accounts every semester that are not requested by the student. Our current I.D. cards work, and not everyone rides StarMetro.

In addition to not paying some of our hardworking employees on time, the University waited until the last minute to inform people about the problem.

To avoid a huge uproar, informing employees about the status of their paycheck sooner will more than likely help the situation.

Keeping financial information disclosed typically produces a hostile working environment.

For those faculty members and students who depend on the University and lack a secondary source of income, not getting paid is causing a major inconvenience. Brent Hatchett for the Editorial Board.