Super Bowl wager leaves Agnew green with envy

The defeat of the Chicago Bears by the Indianapolis Colts at Super Bowl XLI will incur its second blow on Chicago native Phillip Agnew today.

After losing a bet to WANM 90.5 personality Da Intern, otherwise known as Greg Miller, Student Government Association President Agnew will have to wear a leprechaun outfit on The Set between 1:30 and 3 p.m., officially labeling Feb. 9 St. Agnew Day.

Miller, a 21-year-old broadcast journalism student from Miami, said on Jan. 26, he decided to bet Agnew on the Super Bowl because he knew Agnew “was a Chi-town fan.”

“I bet him in front of the whole student body,” Miller said. The bet originally was supposed to be for money, but Miller and Agnew said they him wanted to do something more exciting.

They decided the loser would get water dumped on him, “but the crowd wasn’t feeling that,” Miller said. “They wanted something a little more drastic.”

So Agnew and Miller decided to let the crowd decide the circumstances. One of the ideas thrown out was that the loser had to wear a dress.

“I’m not going to wear a dress,” Agnew said. So the two decided to wear leprechaun costumes. Miller said their punishment was probably based on their short statures.

Game Time!

Miller and Agnew watched the big game in the Grand Ballroom. The game started with the Bears up by a touchdown after Devin Hester ran back the opening kickoff.

“Man, when Hester ran it back, I thought I was going to lose,” Miller said. He said he did not want the game “to start off with this crap.”

As the game tilted in Miller’s favor, he said he remembers watching the expression on Agnew’s face changing. “Phillip was over there sweating bullets,” Miller said.

After the interception for a touchdown in the fourth quarter, the Colts were ahead by two possessions and Agnew knew his fate.”I didn’t think I was going to lose,” Agnew said. “I’m not looking forward to doing it.”

With St. Agnew Day being broadcast on Facebook with more than 100 confirmed guests, the student body, unlike Agnew, is looking forward to the event.

“I think it’s going to be funny,” said Sherielle Goldsmitch, an 18-year-old business administration freshmen from Orlando. Goldsmitch, who heard about the bet on Facebook, said it shows character that Agnew is “keeping his word.”

“It’s going to be funny nonetheless,” she said.

The flyers, which have been looming around campus, were created by 90.5 Operations Manager Gregg Bishop and DJ Bam, who witnessed the bet on The Set.

“It’s going to be a good show,” Miller said, “but I don’t think I would have worn the leprechaun suit. … I would have paid the money.”