Senate confirms new positions

Members of the FAMU chapter of the Student National Medical Association filled the chambers of the 18th session of the 36th Student Senate with hopes of receiving $9,710 to help fund travel and lodging for an upcoming conference in San Francisco.

Jarrod Carrol, 21, president of SNMA, lobbied for the funds Monday based on the significance of a trip of this nature. “It’s very important for these students to be exposed to the 126 medical schools in the country,” said Carrol, a senior chemistry student from Jacksonville.

Senators argued over the requested amount, despite the fact that the organization raised approximately $10,000 on their own for the trip, and the money is first come first serve.

The money would help subsidize the travel costs for 16 students. Sen. Willie Barnes, 20, a sophomore public relations student from Lakeland, argued in support of the funds.

“We’ve taken more than 16 people in SGA to a football game.” After all the debate, SNMA was granted the total amount of funds requested.

Next, several individuals were confirmed for various vacant positions.

Omari Crawford, a junior political science student from Atlanta, was confirmed as associate Supreme Court justice. Senators asked him what personal traits he exhibited that would make him right for the job. “I’m a just person and I’m a fair person,” Crawford replied.

Philip Green, a fourth-year MBA student from Houston, was confirmed as a precinct supervisor. Green explained his goals for his newly acquired position.

“I really want to see a fair and just election at FAMU,” he said. “I will work diligently and hard to make sure this is a fair and just election process.”

The last precinct supervisor confirmation of the night went to Dontaira Terrell, a public relations student. During a round of questioning before receiving her confirmation, Terrell was stumped by a question about election rules and procedures. “My mind went blank,” Terrell said. “Can I have another question?” said Terrell, who claimed to have a good grasp of election rules from her campaign for sophomore attendant. In addition, Alicia Alexander, a senior public relations student from Cocoa, received confirmation for deputy commissioner of the electoral board. Alexander, who had previous experience on the electoral commission, said her newly acquired position would be “an opportunity to use the knowledge and experience I’ve gained to help the committee.”

Darien Moses, fourth-year MBA student from Boynton Beach and the 2007 Electoral Commissioner, spoke about the spring 2007 election process. “There have been no alterations from spring 2006 elections,” said Moses, 22.

Other matters that were taken care of within the meeting included the adoption of the FAMU DRS resolution.

Also Bill SB07SP-001, which pertained to improving the election process, was tabled pending review from the E&A committee. Starek Smith addressed the Senate that night as well. Smith, who is the past president of the Black Student Union at Florida International University, lobbied for the Senate to attend the 2007 Black Student Union Conference, which will be held on Feb. 22-24.

Smith said the conference, which will feature Al Sharpton as the keynote speaker, will “examine African-American culture and those things we can do to venerate our culture.”

Before adjourning the meeting, the Senate approved the $178, 802 Spring 2007 Office of Student Activities budget.

The budget remained mostly intact with the exception of a few eliminated items. Some of those items included the elimination of funds for a Spring Leadership retreat, Village Vibe Live and a Break Away Spring Break Trip.