Public does not seek news

What is wrong with Americans?

Anna Nicole Smith died Thursday.

Yes, it is sad that she is no longer here with us, and yes, the manner in which she died was sad.

But was it that serious that she had to be on the news for the rest of the day?

We as Americans do things in excess, but devoting half of the day to a deceased B-list celebrity, whom – let’s be honest- we didn’t take seriously, is insane.

We consume so much celebrity gossip that our minds are becoming useless goop.

We are no longer concerned with issues of importance, but we are always ready to distract ourselves with tabloid fodder. By entertaining the foolishness, especially the intense coverage of the one-time Calvin Klein model’s death, we give strength to trivial nonsense, like the entertainment industry.

It’s even affecting our youth.

According to a study on, children who watch too much television actually have a harder time academically.

And let’s be real, what does your little cousin watch?

I bet it isn’t PBS!

What’s even sadder is that it doesn’t even have to be that way. I tuned in to NPR, and though they mentioned Smith’s death, she was not the main subject matter at hand.

Have we grown comfortable in not knowing entire truths and settled for fluff?

Bush is trying to get more troops in Iraq and three Army Reserves officers and two civilians were indicted Wednesday on charges of mismanaging funds for Iraqi reconstruction.

But you knew that right?

What about Fidel Castro’s improving health and the tornadoes in Central Florida that destroyed countless homes?

I could say I believe the government intentionally feeds the general public fluff news to keep them from focusing on more important matters.

But these are just the thoughts from the mind of a conspirator.

Many seek the truth and act as if it is unattainable.

The reality is: many who ask are too busy googling the cause of death for the late Smith.

What we need to do is elevate our collective mindset and demand better news and television programming.

Like any other business, the media is a customer driven entity and the customer is always right.

Celebrity gossip should no longer be acceptable.

Hard-hitting and informative news should be what we want.

I know that most of what I am saying will fall on deaf ears- if it is read in the first place.

I’m just earnestly concerned for the direction this country is going in.

I am always baffled when a distinguished newsperson reports and informs the public about nonsense.

All I am saying is the general public should not settle for fluff news that isn’t important.

We should have a hunger for pertinent information that affects you and the rest of the world.

Besides, what has knowing what rehab clinic Lindsay Lohan was admitted in or where Jay-Z went for the weekend has ever done for you?

At the end of the day, celebrities are nothing more than regular people with more money than you.

Wesley Martin is a junior magazine production student from Miami. He can be reached at