Years of black history must fit in only 28 days

January is over, and we all know what that means.

Schools, stores, companies and everyone else in Tallahassee who cares – or pretends to do so – will break out the red, black and green to celebrate more than 400 years of black history in 28 days.

Why do many students choose to only celebrate the contributions and advancement of black people for one month when there are 337 other days to do the same?

FAMU is one of the best historically black higher learning institutions in the nation, so there should be no reason for us to shuck and jive when it comes to black history.

There are numerous University employees who can impart some historical wisdom – history that might not be in your history book – upon you.

Take the time to listen to Soul Train the next time you buy your Capri Sun and Little Debbie snack.

Stay awhile after, or actually listen during class, and you might learn a thing or two.

We are pretty sure FAMU did not shell out all that money for the expansions if they did not want you to visit the Coleman Library and Black Archives.

The library’s fourth floor has numerous books by and about blacks and their struggles.

As for the Black Archives, there are more than 500,000 artifacts from which you can learn.

While FAMU should not take Black History Month lightly, students, faculty, staff and everyone in between should do in the other 11 months what we do in February.

Brandon D. Oliver for the Editorial Board.