Students think it’s odd to display school spirit

Why can’t students wear FAMU paraphernalia without people asking if they’re an athlete?

Are these the only occasions for which to show your school spirit?

Even though FAMU was named the No. 1 University in the nation for black students, there seems to be a lack of Rattler pride shown by students across the campus.

With the nickname “Fashion and Modeling University,” one would want to believe wearing the school’s colors is an acceptable fashion statement.

It is not necessary to be a member of the football team or the band to wear orange and green.

The bleachers in Bragg Stadium are full of fans during football games.

But when basketball, baseball, softball and other spring sports compete, there is a lack of student support at the games.

The men’s and women’s basketball teams played South Carolina State on Jan. 13 in Jake Gaither Gym.

Even though the drive from South Carolina to Tallahassee is around 10 hours, South Carolina State had more fans in attendance than FAMU.

When FAMU hosted its 30th Martin Luther King Jr. Convocation in Lee Hall, only an estimated 200 people participated in the event – despite an enrollment of approximately 11,000 students.

College students lead busy lives.

But with 365 days in a year, isn’t it possible to attend a few sporting events and at least one convocation?

Brent Hatchett for the Editorial Board.