Kid highlights flaws in air security

Sept. 11 will always be a day that Americans remember as a great tragedy to our nation. Terrorists affiliated with al-Qaida hijacked four commercial flights.

Now fast forward five and a half years later and we see that a 9-year-old boy was able to sneak his way onto not only one but two planes. He had no identification and was able to get a hold of someone else’s boarding pass.

Semaj Booker, a fourth grader from Tacoma, Wash., made it to a Seattle airport and aboard two Southwest Airlines flights. Authorities apprehended Semaj before he could get on a third plane going to Dallas.

Isn’t air travel supposed to be safer, with heavier security and extra precautions after 9/11?

This country is a joke.

Just be happy something like this happened before another tragedy occurred.

Yes, the little boy is sneaky and mischievous, but in no way should security have let him through all of the protocol without the necessary verification.

This country needs to evaluate its priorities. People in leadership always tell the public that they have the citizens’ best interests in mind.

But do they?

If a pre-adolescent child can sneak his way onto a plane, what makes you think other people with ulterior motives can’t do the same?

There are no excuses for what happened. And more importantly, what new security guidelines will the government impose now that the old ones are apparently ineffective? If Bush weren’t so worried about the state of other countries, maybe we would have a safer system in place.

Use your common sense, America. Don’t believe everything you hear, even from people who are deemed “in charge.” Wesley Martin for the Editorial Board.