Frozen duck not deserving of national news coverage

So Tallahassee is not the biggest city in Florida, and at times, it may be hard to find newsworthy stories. But how did a refrigerated duck gain worldwide attention when there are much more important issues in the Tallahassee and South Georgia area?

The Tallahassee Democrat reported Saturday that a duck, now named Perky, survived for a day and a half in a hunter’s refrigerator after getting shot.

It can be viewed as an amazing story of survival, but what ever happened to reporting news like the war in Iraq, the failing public school education system or the gang wars that are killing young people nationwide?

News stations such as British Broadcasting Channel, FOX News and other media outlets from Ireland to Australia have interviewed wildlife experts regarding the duck. Imagine if world news broadcasters got together to report the crisis in Darfur? With such unity, the crisis could take a turn for the better.

While it is nice to see a fluff, feel-good story from time to time, what ever happened to reporting the pressing issues?

It is nice to see Tallahassee news stations can produce a story that can achieve worldwide acclaim. But this achievement would have meant more if the story actually had some substance.

Although it is amazing that an animal could survive such an experience, there are other local subjects that should also be addressed. Katrelle Simmons for the Editorial Board.