Blacks need to act as one

The Man did a job on us.

Just look at the state of the black community. Our people fill prisons, and we have the highest high school dropout rate compared to other races.

I’ve always been told that once someone controls your mind, they control you. That’s what The Man does and has been doing since he stole us and convinced some of our greedy ancestors to sell us into captivity.

How does he do it, though? By separating us. The Man separated our families and even separated us by color. Now I pose another question: why do we still separate ourselves? Why is it that blacks still want to outdo each other?

Just look at all of the fraternities and sororities on campus. With all of these different organizations that cater to the nonsense on campus, it is apparent to me that all we are doing is trying to be better than each other, making sure we have an “up” on someone else.

“I got mine; now get yours” is the Eurocentric ideal that seems to have crept into the mindset of black people.

And the major problem is many blacks don’t even see what we do as wrong.

Have we forgotten that many African morals and values are based on maintaining the family and helping the community for the benefit of all?

I believe God created all of us as equals. So why is there such an elitist attitude everywhere on campus?

From the Student Government Association to the fraternities and sororities on campus, there is just no escaping it.

When reading information about them, these organizations claim they are the best of the best, made from excellent stock and worthy to be treated as such.

Bull crap! You aren’t better than me. Stop distancing yourself from the masses.

Many educated blacks believe in the “Talented Tenth” theory. To me, the Talented Tenth is nothing but modern day overseers that report to The Man what the other blacks are doing and suppress the ignorant ones.

Why do we deliberately put down our own people?

Upper class blacks are not the only ones who are chipping away at our already decaying fortress. Drug dealers, gangster rappers and other negative portrayals of our people are just as much to blame- if not more.

Dividing and conquering is what was done to us years ago. With all of these forces pulling us away from each other, The Man doesn’t even have to do it any more – we do it ourselves.

Do we care so much about titles and affiliations that we forsake the state of our community?

Instead of trying to be better than the next person, what about empowering the community? If we could ever get our mindsets on one accord, we would be a force with which to reckon.

Sadly, I don’t think such unity is ever going to happen. The Revolution will not be televised because it will not happen.Let’s put away our differences and do what’s best for our people. Wesley Martin is a junior magazine production student from Miami. He can be reached at