Now is the time to prep for University’s future

Upper-level degrees can be acquired in many fields at FAMU, but two of the most notable programs are business and pharmacy. If a report commissioned by the Florida Board of Governors is approved, receiving upper-level degrees in these programs may simply be a fantasy.

Florida ranked 43rd in adults 18-44 with four-year degrees, com states. The BOG is meeting today to discuss how much, if any, of the plan they will put into action.

Eighty-seven percent of FAMU students are undergraduates, so it might not take much persuasion from the wrong people to eliminate FAMU upper-level degree programs.

Although these changes, if approved, would not take affect until 2030, FAMU needs to act now.

Scores of FAMU students, employees, alumni and supporters need to make their voices heard. Letters, e-mails and town hall meetings are effective ways to combat the programs’ elimination.

And while we are at it, we should do everything in our power to increase the retention rate. There should be a bigger effort to tutor students struggling with classes.

The university should hold faculty members accountable. That means instructors should teach thoroughly and not cancel class on a whim like some professors currently do.

We must remember to act now. Pushing such a situation off until a later date could lead to the downfall of our University.

Alaythia C. Burkins for the Editorial Board.