Intramural program offers new spring events

After a successful turnout for the fall, the university’s intramural program is back with a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities.

Spring intramurals include the Madden 2007 tournament, coed volleyball, 7-on-7 soccer, 5-on-5 basketball, tennis, track and the water Olympics.

Outdoor activities include the Rattlesnake Roundup, “Rattlers on the Slopes” ski trip weekend, paintball, horseback riding, canoeing, hiking/camping and bike riding.

Robert Brown, the recreational program coordinator, said he expects a lot from the intramural events headed to campus this spring.

“Flag football was the main attraction for the fall semester, and this spring, basketball will be the most popular event without a doubt,” Brown said. Brown is looking for campus outlets to promote these activities to have more student participation.

“Word of mouth is a huge thing especially on campus,” Brown said. “We are working on marketing, using venues such as The Famuan and 90.5 to get the word out.”

Student turnout might improve with the addition of the university’s brand new intramural field located behind the recreational center. Brown said he hopes the chance to christen the outdoor facility will garner more excitement about the intramural program on campus.

“I hope the new intramural field will also attract students to intramurals,” he said. “I believe they will appreciate these activities, and they will have a good time.”

The intramural program is coming off of a fairly successful campaign in the fall semester, and student participants hope the program can remain in to the next fall.

Last fall, the wrestling team gave students the opportunity to find out more about the team and the sport by hosting a wrestling exhibition.

“It was fun as we taught students moves and gave people with wrestling experience the chance to challenge a wrestler in a match,” said Hubert Poulard, senior wrestling club president.

The 24-year-old construction engineer student was satisfied with the team’s victory at Florida State University last fall.

“We didn’t compete that much in the fall, but this spring we have a few wrestling tournaments that we are looking forward to,” Poulard said.

Mercer University will host the first meet Jan. 27, followed by meets at FSU and the University of Florida.

Paintball is new to the intramural program and is one of the most anticipated outdoor events. The event, which is called “A Rattler in my Sights,” will be Feb. 24 at Tallahassee Paintball Park.

The paintball event will feature teams of seven people. All equipment will be provided once students arrive at the park. The cost is $35 per person.

“Bring yourself, and be sure to wear pads because paintballs sting,” outdoor adventure coordinator Harvey Hagins Jr. said.For more information on the spring intramural program contact campus recreation at (850) 561-2665.