Authorities arrested a man Friday suspected of being involved in a sexual assault that took place near Florida A&M University’s campus on Sunday.

Authorities from the university are asking students not be alarmed, but to stay cautious and aware.

Mark Anthony Beecham, a convicted sex offender, was arrested earlier today near the Petro gas station on Adams Street.

“The individual arrested is not a student,” said LaNedra Carroll, director of university relations and public affairs.

“From what I know, he had been communicating with a friend at [Palmetto] Phase III Apartments,” she said.

“FAMU police have had an interest in the person [Beecham] because of past sexual assault convictions,” Carroll said.

The Tallahassee Violent Fugitive Task Force arrested the man [Beecham] who was wanted in other sexual assault cases, said Officer Sherri Luke, of the FAMU police department.

“We have arrested a suspect. This does not mean that students should not remain aware and stay informed,” Luke said.

Luke emphasized that Beecham is only “a suspect,” therefore students should remain vigilant. She said that students living in a college town like Tallahassee should always be alert.

“We urge students under all circumstances to take precautions when walking late at night and to never walk alone,” Carroll said. “Authorities do have a suspect under arrest, and we want students to know that they should not be alarmed.”

The FAMU Police Department is urging students to contact them to report any suspicious individuals or activities. They can be reached at 599-3256.