White House needs some color

Every four years, there is always that one question that lingers in the minds of citizens who yearn for change.

There’s one thing that, if it ever happens, could change the tide of the country and thought process of Americans forever.

It’s the final element to equality: a minority president.

The word minority applies to two people whose names are in the media as potential Presidential candidates: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

The question is: Are Americans ready for this type of change?

Whether or not Americans think they are, it is definitely time for a breath of fresh air.

Without a question, white males have dominated the presidency for the past 217 years.

But 2008 needs to be the year of change in order to overcome the racism that still exists today.

In 1969, the Congressional Black Caucus was formed by 13 black members of the U.S. House of Representatives.

This year there are 43 black members in the newly elected Congress, and recently elected Gov. Deval L. Patrick, D-Mass., are only a few examples of the strides and achievements blacks have made.

However, there is still a long way to go.

Recent elections show America may prefer the idea of having a white woman in office rather than a having a black anything.

Women outnumber blacks in Congress. There are 71 Congresswomen, 13 of whom are also black. Not to mention, women make up 51 percent of our nation’s population. It seems like the odds are against blacks.

Now, more then ever the minority faces in the political realm have drastically increased.

However, the question still lingers: are Americans ready for this type of change?

Stephanie Haughton for the Editorial Board.