Simply striking: Pleats, khaki rule spring fashion

Bright, bold, raw and natural – all the right words to describe the hottest fashions this season.

This spring designers incorporated elements of classical fashion, basic clothing components and a touch of geometry to create some of the most innovating fashion yet.

Spring 2007 men’s fashion takes a step back in time, blending electrical colors of the 1960s, pleats from the ’80s and washed out, raw-looking materials from the early ’90s.

Pleats, a huge fashion faux-pas for the past couple of fashion seasons, are back in a big way in the form of khaki shorts.

Khaki, a versatile material often used for making military uniforms, can be transformed into pleated shorts that sit at the waist and come just past the knee in length. They come in navy, olive or the basic tan shade.

These shorts can be paired with light-weight cotton or linen blazers and polo tops to create an eccentric yet sporty look, or with a patterned short-sleeve button-up shirt and sandals to make a breezy, “beachy” feel.

Washed, worn and rugged materials are usually associated with clothing from secondhand shops, but this spring they are among some of the most chic fashions.

Loose fitting khaki pants, faded-out fitted t-shirts and blinding white, wrinkled clothing are all new additions this spring.

The ’60s were full of bold and bright electric shades of color that popped and grabbed attention immediately. These colors are hot again in fashion.

Electric orange, blue, purple and neon yellow are highlighting the runway in a big way. Designers are using the colors for wardrobe staples like Burberry Prorsum’s light-weight trench coats or wardrobe additions like Versace’s fitted orange t-shirts.

Unlike the washed-out and pleated styles for men this spring, women’s fashion takes a turn to being more straightforward and polished. The era of the natural-looking bohemian with shabby hair is long gone. Hairstyles are sleek and polished, refined ponytails or well-put-together loose curls.

A factor that is present in both men’s and women’s clothing is the electricity in color. Only much of the color in women’s fashion is maintained within geometrical figures.

Designers like Doo.Ri used the geometrical prints in cocktail dresses to give them a touch of the go-go era. Gucci also used the prints fused with bright neons brilliantly in their spring line.

Wardrobe staples like the pencil skirt and hot additions from fall 2006 clothing lines were altered-the end product being cigarette pants and new length pencil skirts.

The new length for pencil skirts, about three to five inches, still maintains the luxurious and innovative feel but adds a touch of class and sophistication.

While the cigarette pant, falling just short of the ankle and fitting loosely around the calves, adds a flare of fun and an easygoing feel.

Along with the standout factors of this spring fashion season, some of the usual spring trends have managed to make some noise.

Floral prints, safari-inspired clothing, swimwear and bright white clothing are all being noted this season.

When trying out the hottest trends this coming spring, remember that less is more.

Many of the latest styles this spring involve boldness and pop, which means the pairing up of more than one very bold statement, like bright colored neon shoes with a neon belt and a neon top, would not be the best idea.

Keep it simple Rattlers.

Do some justice to our nickname: Fashion and Modeling University!