Many students need to grow up

Many people consider college the place where one sheds the immaturity of adolescence and becomes a mature adult. In some cases, that is true.

But when will other people realize they need to grow up?

Last week while walking to the School of Journalism and Graphic Communication, I witnessed a dispute between two young women. I was shocked by the way they acted toward each other in front of the Gore Educational Complex.

One student screamed at the other. She berated the young woman and even had to be restrained from causing her physical harm.

The other student, who is on the royal court, seemed more mature than the other, but she still used inappropriate language.

She could have walked away from the scene altogether instead of entertaining that foolishness.

As I watched, the ignorant energy that hung like a cloud over them made its way over to me, and I became entranced in the stupidity.

I began to instigate and bark comments across the street to add fuel to the fire.

It was not until someone commented about how immature the whole situation was – including my behavior – that I had to stop and think.

Whatever the reason for the dispute, in no way did it have to result in arguing in public.

When you reach a certain level of maturity, other peoples’ actions should not get under your skin.

Mature people show tact when confronting obstacles. Calling people out of their names and using profanity makes people look like clowns.

It shows they are not intelligent enough to express their emotions verbally.

The location where one chooses to confront someone is also important. The Set is never the place to settle a “beef.”

If the conversation gets heated, it will become a source of entertainment for the crowd that is certain to form.

When meeting someone to settle a dispute, go into it with the right motives – to put an end to the differences, not to “whoop someone’s tail.”

I recognize there are some things that are unforgivable. There are even some people with whom you do not want to deal for the rest of your life.

When this happens, simply leave them alone.

It is easy to wallow in ignorance. But at an institution of higher learning, I would think students – myself included – would carry themselves with more pride.

Many people witnessed the dispute between the two young ladies, and it’s sad to say it might leave a lasting impression.

I hope their mothers taught them better than to cluck in public like chicken heads.

This is not the place to forget what we were taught. Shed that immature mindset and grow up.

Wesley Martin is a junior magazine production student from Miami. He can be reached at