Letter to the Editor: Financial Aid diverts loan money to pay work study

I am a 1976 FAMU graduate. My children chose to get their education at FAMU as well.

For the past six years, my children have had to put up with being labeled aliens.

They have had to wait six to 15 weeks, and even at times, until the end of a grading period, to get the loan money for which they applied.

This time, my daughter finally gets work-study and unexpectedly had her loan cut because the financial aid office is making sure they get the money to pay her work-study.

Why has the financial aid office cut money that has already been allowed by loan institutions?

Are these people educated enough to know the difference between a loan and monies allocated for the work-study program?

A loan is money that the student borrows and pays back after they graduate from a college or university. A loan is not to be used by the university to pay the student for work-study. Will someone please tell the supervisor of the financial aid office this is going on so my children can get on with their education?

Many other students have the same complaint.

These students have to buy books, pat tuition, pay rent, buy groceries and pay other bills with their monies.

I’m sure the loan companies would love to hear how their monies are being used. I know the money was not earmarked for the university to use students’ loan money to help keep the work-study program afloat.

Marilyn Davis is a proud parent and FAMU alumna.