Band’s TV appearance is reason to celebrate

This is the second time for the Florida A&M University Marching 100. The second time they get to hit one of the world’s biggest stages with a musical genius.

In 2006, the famed band joined award-winning rapper and producer Kanye West at the Grammys. And Feb. 4, the 100 will take the field in the nation’s biggest sporting event with one of the greatest musical talents of our time: Prince.

This is one honor that just can’t be overlooked. It’s one thing to be respected and revered among peers and staff at your university, but to be recognized by two of the most prominent artists of our time is an extraordinary feat.

On Super Bowl Sunday, the nation tunes in to see commercials, the halftime show and then maybe even a football game might take place.

Many viewers haven’t seen a football game all season, but they tune in for the extracurricular festivities that surround the event.

With that said, the 100 will get the chance to wow more than just the Rattler faithfuls at Bragg Stadium. Millions of people will settle in on their couches or at the local sports bar to see our esteemed musical assembly play alongside Mr. Purple Rain himself.

Once again, the band has given the Hill cause to stand up and show why we are proud to be Rattlers.

It almost seems a little odd. Orange, green and purple don’t really match that well. But somehow on Super Bowl Sunday, the band and Prince will make it work. And for that, Rattler fans, we will have all the more reason to cheer.

Akeem Anderson for the Editorial Board.