Blacks value cookouts, parties more than King

Martin Luther King Jr. did so much for the advancement of black people, but year-by-year, his legacy seems to be diminished. Going to a club for a pre-MLK Day celebration is not an adequate to remember King.

From the commercialism image to the stupid ways black people choose to celebrate his legacy, a change needs to happen.

In the “Return of the King” episode of “The Boondocks” TV series, Aaron McGruder used satire to show King’s image being massively reproduced.

I’m not saying his image cannot be reproduce for worthy causes, but massively reproducing it desensitizes his message and makes him stale.

And it is a shame the way some people choose to celebrate King’s legacy.

Some people attend barbecues and cookouts while others made the trip to Miami to see all the foolishness at the annual MLK parade, where violence is prominent and, in some cases, lethal. A few years ago a 4-year-old girl was killed at the parade.

King did not die for you to get drunk and act a fool. It is disrespectful and distasteful to remember him in a crude manner.

It would be better if you had just stayed in bed the whole day and did nothing.

Have respect for yourself by acknowledging a great man and carrying on his memory correctly. Try volunteering or donating food and clothes to the less fortunate.

Wesley Martin for the Editorial Board.