Resolutions not strictly reserved for new year

Family and friends gathered for one of the most anticipated events in the world: New Year’s Eve. Everyone looks forward to the new year no matter what religion or nationality. The holiday is also used to jump off sales for a lot of companies. For example, health clubs tend to make most of their revenue in the beginning of the year.

Change is great, and the new year tends to give us the inspiration to change. But why do we wait until the beginning of the year to realize that we need to make changes in our lives?

You knew you were overweight last year; why do you think you are going to look in the mirror Jan. 2 and see something different?

You knew your man was cheating on you last year. You saw the numbers in the phone and heard the messages.

Guys, you knew your girlfriend was more into your homeboy than you in December 2006. Why do we wait until 2007 to get rid of trash?

The phrase that kills me the most is, “It’s my year!” I have heard this 27 times already. Honestly, it may not be your year because everybody is saying that it’s his or her year.

I was watching “106 and Party” New Year’s evening, and I listened to interviews from all the celebrities. Everyone was saying how they were going to “go hard” this year and that they were looking to do a lot of things.

Yung Joc offered the best advice of all the celebrities on the show.

Everyone knows 2006 was a big year for the Atlanta native. His debut album, “New Joc City,” sold more than 1.1 million units. He had everybody, including Tom Cruise, doing the motorcycle dance from his first single, “It’s Going Down.” He also laced our ears with other hits such as “I Know You See It” and “Hear Me Coming.”

Yung Joc and other colleagues of Block Entertainment also gave back to the community by adopting families in need from the metro Atlanta area.

In his interview, he said he spent 2005 preparing for 2006. His advice to the audience was that you must be prepared if you are going to “take over.” This was the best advice I’ve heard thus far, so I had to share it with you.

I understand this year is your year. However, you must have been prepared by Dec. 31 for your “big bang.”

Whether you’re planning to get a record deal, get a job or perform better in your classes, make sure you are well-equipped with, prepared to implement, and committed to your plan.

I truly hope that when you make that change or become the next Will Smith or Jennifer Hudson, you give me my props in your interview for giving such advice.

Deidra Fields is a junior business administration student from Tallahassee. She can be reached at